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Hospital appointment registration

The direction of computer network professional website, web, JSP technology development. SSH. The hospital appointment registration system. The graduation design....

Online shopping system

An online shop system, JSP+MySql. source code + full papers. Relates to JavaScript, to beautiful...

Store the source code

City source, SSH, three major framework source code, running in a Tomcat, in a MySQL database, configure the database...

JSP database add, delete, change, check

A JSP page register login with MySQL database, dynamic registration as login, visualization...

Struts_hibernate logistics warehousing inventory management system to do graduate design

1) basic information management module: Warehouse Manager provides an implementation of customer information, supplier information, warehouse information, manage employee information maintenance, including information query, add, modify and delete operations.2) Inventory Management Module: warehouse...

SSH reservation system

1, order inquiry2, do not login user location functionality, this feature is particularly important. Solved without landing with meals and multiple branch distribution order conflict. User adoptionAfter page, first select the cities and streets, before ordering. After you select the address, the men...

Recruitment website design and implementation

Recruitment website design, developed with JSP language, a database for SQL Server. contain both detailed design documents. This procedure using a recruitment Web site developed by JSP+JAVABEAN+SQLSERVER development. Is a practical system. For JSP developers is a very good help....

Enxin deployment Edition

Enxin deployed version, easy to deploy, we can run. Toss took me two whole days to COMPIERE open source ERP, inconclusive, then see someone else saved in China for say the parking is a bit not agreeing with the article. Especially the so-called sole agency in China is even more outrageous, not only...

elibrary management system

E-library is a collection of Document (pdf,txt,rtf,docx document) related to bioarchaeology and paleodontology available in pdf. Papers in all languages are welcome.The aim of this project is promotion of papers from this field of science, increasing their availability and encourag...

Online examination system based on JSP

Currently the b/s and c/s structure of the online driving test system product has many, this paper first describes the process of formation and development of test system, the structure. Through careful analysis, pointed out of these systems still have disadvantages such as system updates and mainte...

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