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JSP springmvc online examination system

Exam++ is the first of a network examination system based on JAVA and MYSQL development. It can stably and smoothly on Windows and Linux platforms. You can quickly and easily create questions and questions, publish papers, organization of the examination, the system automatically corrected. A high d...

Student achievement management system

Student achievement management system, student achievement management, add, delete, modify the function, into teachers, administrators, students three entry ways, with different privileges....

Online video playback system

Tool: MyEclipse+MySQL language: jsp+SQL features: online video broadcast system.       Visitors browse the site Home, but you can't watch, reviews, video, need to register as a member has this permission.       Members can view, upload, download, reviews, video, can man...

chat application

this project is all about a room chat application where the user in enetring into his or her chose of room that can be cricket ,football, baseball,politcs ,entertainment etc....and than people start to put there point of views in the group....

online Quiz

Objective/ VisionYou need to install an IDE Eclipse / Myeclipse / Netbeans.Oracle 10g database. Here, we are using system for the username and oracle for the password.Hot to run this projectImport the project on the IDE and run it. All the tables will be created automatically.Welcome Page...

SHH educational administration management system

University educational administration management system   with source code, database, suitable for graduation, SHH is very helpful for beginners, is a SHH integration project, code easy to understand and very clear, if you are a Java beginner or would like SHH integration, then the source may b...

Online Bookstore

Realizing for books online to view and select, including the purchase of books, add to cart, background books can be added, modified, price calculations, a series of operations such as additions and deletions to find out...

SpringBeans the human resources management system

SpringBeans human resource management systems, one based on the SSH2de of human resources management systems, you deserve ~   an integrated human resources management system, including databases and source code ~...

Enterprise management systems

MVC design pattern for course management systems, such as MySQL can import the tables. Easy to use, available after import MyEclipse....

Simple course arrangement system

Analysis based on the previous course scheduling software, an arrangement management information system design method is proposed, and on specific technical issues and make special arrangements-analysis of thecommonmanagementinfo-on the basis of analysis of past course scheduling software, an arrang...

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