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Enterprise management systems

MVC design pattern for course management systems, such as MySQL can import the tables. Easy to use, available after import MyEclipse....

Student achievement management

Course design of database attach source code. School student achievement management system. Teachers can view modify student achievement. Viewing scores of students. Landing pattern to distinguish between authenticated. Only needs to be imported into the software you can use...

Exam exam system

Exam exam system, administrator released questionnaire survey, students refer to survey respondents, administrator on survey results for statistics analysis, the function more for training Qian of training needs survey and training completed Hou of training satisfaction degrees survey and training r...

Performance management system

Student achievement management system that altogether into a single role to manage results information, system administrators, school teachers, students, respectively. Each role has different permissions information, different permissions information to complete a variety of jobs. ...

Dating management system

This project is based on Java+JSP+Servlet WEB project, the database is Mysql. Features implemented this project can login, register, add, delete, update, search, and upload a photo feature....


Hadoop is a distributed system infrastructure Apache foundation development.Distributed users can not understand the underlying details of the case, the development of distributed applications. Make full use of the power of clusters of high-speed computing and storage.[1] Hadoop to implement a distr...

The enterprise portal

Enterprise portal, is divided into front and back office management.The realization of the use of JSP+JAVABEAN, using Microsoft SQL SERVER2000 dataThe database files are in the compression bagDocumentation and code in the compression bagThe ultimate goal of the development of enterprise portal websi...

In hospital management system JSP

Application backgroundHospital Management System is a complete tool for the reciptionist to manage all the doctors,patients,medicins and its by far the simplest code for those who need to submit project within a short period of timeKey TechnologyI've use java as the business logic and for presentati...

SQL learning code

Application backgroundWeb website design and database link, from the foundation, people can learn from different levels. To come back and forth coming and going back and forth coming and coming coming and coming coming and coming coming and coming coming and going back and forth coming and going to...

E shooting system

Application background"E" online auction system is a C2C (to Customer Customer customers to customers) online trading platform,Trading is done in an auction. Its full functions are as follows:(1) user registration.(2) the user logs off.(3) browse the goods at auction.(4) review the bid records of th...

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