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SQL learning code

Application backgroundWeb website design and database link, from the foundation, people can learn from different levels. To come back and forth coming and going back and forth coming and coming coming and coming coming and coming coming and coming coming and going back and forth coming and going to...

Student management system

import; import; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;...

Employee management system

Employee management system front end management, practical JSP/Servlet language development. Front desk including the regular payroll queries, view and add comments and personal information, such as modifying the query. Background on sector inquiries, post queries, administrators can check posts at...

online quiz

It is a Simple web Bases project developed in jsp/servelet.The project title is Online Quiz.In this project there is two module Teacher module and student module.Teacher can create a quiz and student can only take quiz and submit their assignment....

Bank management system

Introduced the credit card analysis system design and implementation steps. Developed using MySQL database. With database support, developing data analysis system for credit cards, and provides users with a graphical comparison to observe and analyze the results, writing reports, is clear and intuit...

Drug management system

1.) daily business section: includes warehousing operations, sales operations, warehouse return business and sales return business.(2). the inventory management component: includes inventory, stock and price management ...(3.) query statistics section: includes incoming queries, sales enquiries, war...

The library system

Only supplies the study, the small library management system based on JSP +MySQL...

Simple shopping system

Simple shopping system for beginner may have a lookUsing several jar files may be large and oh not a lot...

tourism across india..

yeah try this out its easy and best.its jsp code.. backend is mysql or oracle..registration and login ideas are also available...   ...

examinattion cell in jsp

it simple coded jsp project in this we are have module related to student marks ,room allocations and then we are having examination registration also....


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