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The enterprise portal

Enterprise portal, is divided into front and back office management.The realization of the use of JSP+JAVABEAN, using Microsoft SQL SERVER2000 dataThe database files are in the compression bagDocumentation and code in the compression bagThe ultimate goal of the development of enterprise portal websi...

SQL learning code

Application backgroundWeb website design and database link, from the foundation, people can learn from different levels. To come back and forth coming and going back and forth coming and coming coming and coming coming and coming coming and coming coming and going back and forth coming and going to...

Books Management System

Application backgroundLibrary management system, can enter   library management system software line library management system can measure the national economy and enterprise operation; the use of past data to predict the future; from the enterprise overall situation of auxiliary enterprise man...

Dispatch Report analysis

Dispatch Report -User will Only From date and To date to view the report . -He should be able to get report by selecting one of the radio button  and Data should be viewd in the below gridview . -On click of the Excel button , A excel should be generated....

e payment for land taxes

online filling and payment of taxes is expected to begin by November this year in two piloting phases that will begin with e-filling while e-payment would follow a month later. Mukubu said that the project would reduce the overheads on taxpayers to file their tax returns and make tax payments...

Online quiz

this is basically Online Quiz application developed using JSP and MS Access as back end. Comprise of authentication and Efficient usage of algorithms....

Online Crime

online Crime Project to make the people involved in the search and reporting crimes and suspects know easily and caution them  and also search for the missing and reported missing to the speed of research and investigation released...

Student management system

import; import; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;...

calling activity

Museum Collection Management using MS Access. An MS Office installation is recommended, since this project also utilizes MS Word for merging data into templates.Gestiuoc 1.0 - Gestiuoc Development / Front EndsGestiuoc is an open Source software for educational centers: server-sid...

Attachment upload component

Is a combination of js and Flash file upload plugin, which is very powerful in projects that used a few times before, but it has too many configuration parameters, and forgot how to use it after use, to a future look at its documentation when received its official website, is so tired. So might as w...

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