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Express print templates, online designs

An online visual way, dragging way to design lightweight Front Desk Express print template component; provides common templates for dozens of courier companies and some common parameters are preset, supported amending the; configuration items are very rich, except for some standard items, items can...

Jsp+access database

Application backgroundThe code is based on JSP + ACCESS database joint and hair, is to combine with the access database, meaning the use of JSP page technology matures, practice makes perfect, for the majority of the JSP enthusiasts.Key TechnologyJSP (full name JavaServer pages) is advocated by Sun...

Micro-blogging system

Micro-blogging system, you can implement all the functionality of Twitter, including the brilliant comments, now for your next hit I...

Moisten dry reports V4.5 page centered, Adaptive JSP code

Moisten dry reports V4.5 page centered, Adaptive JSP code, using the JSP allows report page is displayed centered and adaptive....

Using Ajax to register a single verification

Application backgroundAjax object to send asynchronous request, to return part of the data to modify the page rather than all of the page, the effect of the page to refresh the page to change the contents of the page to the user a better experience, first get Ajax object, and then set the callback f...

Passenger ticketing system

Application backgroundThis system uses JSP+SQL2005 to realize the on-line booking, mainly includes: the user registration, the order submission, the order form inquiry, the backstage user management, the flight information management, the order management. The system can reduce the probability of er...

Description and design of JSP experiment

Application backgroundWrite programs that can meet the requirements of the following conditions (six times in three hours to complete):A. to write a different page to achieve the increase of student information, delete, change, check.B. student login onlyWrite programs that can meet the requirements...


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