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Hotel guest room management system

SQL Sever database shows at the front desk of the hotel's rooms, and dining information, customer login, registration, subscription, and other functions, background for the administrator interface, implements login, order inquiries, modify product information functions...

Library management system

A  web-based library management system. 1. Lend book upon card2.All users can search the books in many criterion,book name, author, 3.Libarian can add, delete or modify the books, or add more books and discard books4 libraian can add users, and allocate card for users and setting the defau...

Online Exam using Jsp and Ajax

This online exam is easy way to conduct the exams online and to publish the result,,,,, Backend used ms access,,,, it use random function to generate the question...

e cart shopping

this is code for e cart shopping website for every mocule showed easily and simply...


• It maintains three levels of users:-ü  Receptionist ü  • The Software includes:-ü  ProvidingPrescription.ü  Billingand Report generation....

Simple message board

Application backgroundThis is a based on JSP + servlet + JavaBean technology simple message board, the MVC pattern, the full realization of the page display and logical separation helps to better understand the advantages of the two technologies of JSP and servlet, hope to help everyone....


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