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Jsp+Mysql video site

color:#FFFFFF;"> JSP support video on demand video website features such as...

Design and implementation of online ordering system

Design and implementation of online ordering system, using JSP language database MY SQL, database, source code, paper, screenshots, and reply in PPT, definitely worth holding on to. This paper is my graduation thesis topic, struggling for a long time, because the University did not learn anything, s...

JD online shopping mall


Attendance management system

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">JSP's WEB Attendance Management System (A) take into account the capacity issues of the operator, requires a good interface and Tips; (2) The system must have permission to log on to ensure the safety issues; (3) data modification, support for multiple co...

Inventory management system based on JSP development

size:16px;">主要功能 库存管理系统主要由【货物管理】、【基本档案】、【查询统计】、【系统维护】和【帮助】等模块组成。进入该系统后,用户可以对系统中的一些基本信息进行添加、修改和删除等操作。另外,如果是管理...

Online examination system

space:nowrap;">Online examination system based on JSP development. Can be used for high school or College, source code, and run it....

Java Web Forum

family:Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;color:#666666;line-height:24px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">实现了论坛的注册,登录,发帖,回帖功能,管理员对整个论坛的维护功能。用的数据库是sql2008,适用于初学者的学习和理解 java web 。...

SSH State power projects of system source code

Complete set including foreground, background, database of source code, is an example of learning J2SE programming is very good....

library management system--JavaWeb programming

Library management system using Struts 2+Spring+Hibernate technology. In the system, Struts 2 is used to display and request control section was finished, Spring is responsible for accessing the database, Hibernate is mainly acting as a data access layer component....

Bus dispatch system

space:nowrap;">公交调度指挥管理系统     由遍布全市各交通要道的电子站亭采集到车辆行驶实时数据,然后传送到后台的信息处理中心计算,管理人员就可以了解整体交通状况。通过运用电子地图技术(GIS),可以直观的...


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