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Medical information management system

indent: 21pt;">普通游客模块主要包括注册,浏览信息,搜索功能这些功能。...

Dating management system

This project is based on Java+JSP+Servlet WEB project, the database is Mysql. Features implemented this project can login, register, add, delete, update, search, and upload a photo feature....

Water plants and related businesses small ERP systems


Based on the JSP guest book

Simple message board based on JSP technology, suitable for beginners to learn, suitable for beginners to learn, suitable for beginners to learn, suitable for beginners learning to learn,...

Library management system

family:宋体;">与图书馆管理系统不同,本系统网站是图书管理系统,其设计目标是,建立一个管理形式的网站,用于个人对所拥有的图书进行管理,具有管理员登录以及图书的增删改查功能。 由此,本系统做到以下几点...

Forum network source code

Website developed with JSP Servlet a collection, DAO, JavaBean integration, database using MySQL. Site basically achieving the basic content of the Forum....

Class and grade website

Create your own class website and class management. The HTML5 standard, interface effects....

Point to system Web programming

This is we group network class of big job, with of is sqlServer database, development environment is MyEclipse 6.0, achieved online points to function, each IP address only in day within points to a times, if points to Hou, will automatically insert to database in the, containing database script fil...

Library management system



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