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Student management system in Java language

Student management system. Perfect version database, Mysql login, registration, and so on....

Online Book Store

size:16px;">联机图书商店工程建成 java(jsp/servlet)。使用 mysql 数据库。此项目包含具有扩展名.sql 项目文件夹中的所有代码和数据库文件。项目包含非常用户友好的界面使用 JavaScript 和 CSS。...

Hotel management system in JSP

size:16px;">1 Introduction 31.1 preparation of objective 31.2 background 32 interface function description 42.0 main screen 42.1 individual billing 42.2 group billing 52.3 guest checkout 52.4 reservation of 62.5 opening query 72.6 customer management 72.7 network settings 82.8 system settings 92.9 o...

E-store system


Urban supply and demand information network

size:16px;">Design of urban supply and demand information network is divided into before and after, front main display, search and publishing of information. Which information of displayed including list displayed and detailed content displayed, and list displayed, and is divided into first page of...

Design and development of housing supply and demand information website


JSP section of source documents UserLogin


Internet Banking

size: 18.0180187225342px;">项目为工程系的学生在这里你可以享受下载并执行这个在线的网上银行系统。...

JavaEE (Struts+Spring+Hibernate) integrated online and mobile marketing management system

Database's friends:(1) extensions in the Database folder to copy the two files db_netExam_Data.MDF and db_netExam_Log.LDF in the Data folder under the SQL Server installation path.(2) open in SQL Server 2005 "Enterprise Manager", and then expand the local server in the "database"...

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