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calling activity

Museum Collection Management using MS Access. An MS Office installation is recommended, since this project also utilizes MS Word for merging data into templates.Gestiuoc 1.0 - Gestiuoc Development / Front EndsGestiuoc is an open Source software for educational centers: server-sid...

Attachment upload component

Is a combination of js and Flash file upload plugin, which is very powerful in projects that used a few times before, but it has too many configuration parameters, and forgot how to use it after use, to a future look at its documentation when received its official website, is so tired. So might as w...

Online Book Store

online book store project built in java(jsp/servlet). using mysql database. the project contains all the code and database file that has the extension .sql in the project folder. project contains very user friendly interface using the JavaScript and CSS....

Employee management system

Employee management system front end management, practical JSP/Servlet language development. Front desk including the regular payroll queries, view and add comments and personal information, such as modifying the query. Background on sector inquiries, post queries, administrators can check posts at...

Educational administration management system

This system was developed using JSP+Servlet+JavaBean model, a curriculum developed by the SQL Server 2008 database management systems. This article needs for system analysis, database design, functional design are described in detail, and realizes the function of back-end modules, includin...

JSP voting system

A dynamic Java Web voting system can vote, realize dynamic interactive databases and Web pages, suitable for JSP beginner to refer to....

Tax will be calculated based on the JSP+Servlet simple example source code

I have written a simple calculation of tax software, written using Myeclipse, based on JSP+Servlet, but it is not used to connect to the database, Visual simple page....

online quiz

It is a Simple web Bases project developed in jsp/servelet.The project title is Online Quiz.In this project there is two module Teacher module and student module.Teacher can create a quiz and student can only take quiz and submit their assignment....

Javaweb system code

Modern supermarket management involves the management of commodities or goods of a few major aspects, namely, purchasing, sales, inventory. As I have repeatedly done promotions in supermarkets, supermarket management understanding and attention, through the example of a small supermarket inventory m...

Bank management system

Introduced the credit card analysis system design and implementation steps. Developed using MySQL database. With database support, developing data analysis system for credit cards, and provides users with a graphical comparison to observe and analyze the results, writing reports, is clear and intuit...

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