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Online examination system on Web database MySQL jQuery

1, support for user registration and login, and use CAPTCHA validation, log in before you can answer2, supports random question and fixed two answering modes of exam questions3 supporting single topic limited-time question-and-answer mode, use js strict control page actions4, record results, and var...

Online video playback system

Tool: MyEclipse+MySQL language: jsp+SQL features: online video broadcast system.       Visitors browse the site Home, but you can't watch, reviews, video, need to register as a member has this permission.       Members can view, upload, download, reviews, video, can man...

chat application

this project is all about a room chat application where the user in enetring into his or her chose of room that can be cricket ,football, baseball,politcs ,entertainment etc....and than people start to put there point of views in the group....

C2C e-commerce examples reference

-C2C e-commerce, Internet trading platform, Eclipse project...

online quiz project in jsp

online quiz project in jsp online quiz project in jsp online quiz project in jsp online quiz project in jsp online quiz project in jsp online quiz project in jsp online quiz project in jsp online quiz project in jsp...

University Management System

If u need any Project that you want to develop please contact above url for best ideas etc. Content is too short. Attention please: Codes without good description will be deleted and you won't get any points. Please describe it better to get more points. Hints: You would e...

Online examination system based on JSP

Currently the b/s and c/s structure of the online driving test system product has many, this paper first describes the process of formation and development of test system, the structure. Through careful analysis, pointed out of these systems still have disadvantages such as system updates and mainte...

Java course arranging system

Married TV points get out back watching TV engine separated from husband space; husbands see their face; wind; d open; we've watched; annoyed both mages;...

JSP supermarket sales of system source code

Main reception of the system using JSP as development language, background using the SqlServer database management system, the development environment is the MyEclipse server with Tomcat, developed a Web-based technology of b/s structure management system based on online. For the study reference....

online tour and travel management

this project provides online registration of users and they can see tour places and categories. and they can book tickets online....

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