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Online shopping system

An online shop system, JSP+MySql. source code + full papers. Relates to JavaScript, to beautiful...

Store the source code

City source, SSH, three major framework source code, running in a Tomcat, in a MySQL database, configure the database...

SSH reservation system

1, order inquiry2, do not login user location functionality, this feature is particularly important. Solved without landing with meals and multiple branch distribution order conflict. User adoptionAfter page, first select the cities and streets, before ordering. After you select the address, the men...

Enxin deployment Edition

Enxin deployed version, easy to deploy, we can run. Toss took me two whole days to COMPIERE open source ERP, inconclusive, then see someone else saved in China for say the parking is a bit not agreeing with the article. Especially the so-called sole agency in China is even more outrageous, not only...

JSP shopping mall

E-commerce system is an example of Java Web applications, it consists of a system comprising two parts: front and back office management. In front of the system: This includes merchandise booths, purchases, membership management, publication and order inquiries, the volume of inquiries, shopping mal...

chat application

this project is all about a room chat application where the user in enetring into his or her chose of room that can be cricket ,football, baseball,politcs ,entertainment etc....and than people start to put there point of views in the group....

C2C e-commerce examples reference

-C2C e-commerce, Internet trading platform, Eclipse project...

Online examination system based on JSP

Currently the b/s and c/s structure of the online driving test system product has many, this paper first describes the process of formation and development of test system, the structure. Through careful analysis, pointed out of these systems still have disadvantages such as system updates and mainte...

online tour and travel management

this project provides online registration of users and they can see tour places and categories. and they can book tickets online....

JSP development and realization of teaching management system in dynamic Web sites

1, administrator functions: realization of student information query, teacher information, adding or removing students, add or remove teachers, message management, post management, course information and modify functions.2, teacher feature: students ' academic record entry and modify, query and modi...

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