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Performance management system

Student achievement management system that altogether into a single role to manage results information, system administrators, school teachers, students, respectively. Each role has different permissions information, different permissions information to complete a variety of jobs. ...


cost)硬件上;而且它提供高吞吐量(high throughput)来访问应用程序的数据,适合那些有着超大数据集(large data set)的应用程序。HDFS放宽了(relax)POSIX的要求,可以以流的形式访问(streaming access)文件系统中的数据。Hadoop的框...

Dispatch Report analysis

Dispatch Report -User will Only From date and To date to view the report . -He should be able to get report by selecting one of the radio button  and Data should be viewd in the below gridview . -On click of the Excel button , A excel should be generated....

Online quiz

this is basically Online Quiz application developed using JSP and MS Access as back end. Comprise of authentication and Efficient usage of algorithms....

Online Crime

space:nowrap;">使人民参与搜索的和报告犯罪和犯罪嫌疑人更容易知道,提醒他们的在线犯罪项目。 和也在寻找的失踪和据报失踪的速度的研究和调查公布...

Student management system

size:10.0pt;font-family:"color:#7F0055;">import; import;   import javax.servlet.ServletException; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http...

calling activity

Gestiuoc发展 / 前端Gestiuoc 是为教育中心开放源码软件: 在 Java 中使用允许管理一所学校的最重要方面的 JSP 编写的服务器端应用程序: 教师、 学生、 课程、 评价、 学科.........

Attachment upload component

space:nowrap;">是一个flash和js相结合而成的文件上传插件,其功能非常强大以前在项目中用过几次,但它的配置参数太多了,用过后就忘记怎么用了, 到以后要用时又得到官网上看它的文档,真是太烦了。所以索性就把它的用法记录...

Employee management system

Employee management system front end management, practical JSP/Servlet language development. Front desk including the regular payroll queries, view and add comments and personal information, such as modifying the query. Background on sector inquiries, post queries, administrators can check posts at...

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