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My awesome bash configuration

My awesome bashrc, Press Ctrl+e will explain the current shell command under cursor. Ctrl+T will open Tmux. vi-mode...

Lower to Upper

using for loop, get element in current directory. then convert upper to lower each character using ehco statement....

Dbcmp-database content comparison tool

Dbcmp is a database content comparison tool. Used to compare the differences between two tables of the database data, and WEB form is highlighted. Dbcmp runs on Linux/UNIX platforms, currently only supports Oracle. users to configure before running dbcmp.cfg, dbcmp.tbl, dbcmp.xcols files. running./d...

Access to the system hardware information shell script

To get hardware information: includes CPU business, machine model, CPU type and the specific number of cores, and total memory size, operating system version, and so on....

GTK +-based numerical calculator words-Linux

The word GTK+ numerical calculator based on -linuxThe South China Agricultural University big three Linux course...

LVS+Keepalived cluster instance

This document includes keepalived, install ipvsadm setup software, and LVS-DR document (summary), as well as Director and script that is executed on a RealServer:,lvs_real.shNetwork topologylvs-master:

test vanet app

he delay experienced by a user inrandom or contention-based MAC scheme is unbounded; a user may need to wait fora long time until he/she has the opportunity to send some data. On the otherhand, by scheduling the data packets according to a certain deterministicpattern, which is called protocol seque...

A watchdog program for OpenFOAM

There are two shell files in this folder: & first one( is help you to start the OpenFOAM program more easily.The only thing you have to do is just change the program name and directory to your own,and then you can run it with "sh"(serial...

Raspberry PI + Nancy + (Optional MySQL) = Build a tiny embedded HTTP based service

Thanks to the author Ranjan.D. Building a cross platform HTTP service by using Nancy and then deploy the same in Raspberry PI. Introduction In this article we will see how to setup and use Nancy (it’s a lightweight, low-ceremony, and framework for building HTTP based services...


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