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Linux+apache/nginx+mysql+php server environment build script

Application backgroundLinux+apache/nginx+mysql+php server environment build script, can be deployed on the Linux server, such as ubuntu/centos, removed the cumbersome process of each program configuration. After decompression running./, the need for network support.Key TechnologyLinux shel...

My awesome bash configuration

My awesome bashrc, Press Ctrl+e will explain the current shell command under cursor. Ctrl+T will open Tmux. vi-mode...

Lower to Upper

using for loop, get element in current directory. then convert upper to lower each character using ehco statement....

Dbcmp-database content comparison tool

Dbcmp is a database content comparison tool. Used to compare the differences between two tables of the database data, and WEB form is highlighted. Dbcmp runs on Linux/UNIX platforms, currently only supports Oracle. users to configure before running dbcmp.cfg, dbcmp.tbl, dbcmp.xcols files. running./d...

Quickly generate Protocol initialization files under Windows scripts

Quickly generate Protocol initialization files under Windows, do not use plug-in technology, publish the generated files can be directly...

Access to the system hardware information shell script

To get hardware information: includes CPU business, machine model, CPU type and the specific number of cores, and total memory size, operating system version, and so on....

GTK +-based numerical calculator words-Linux

The word GTK+ numerical calculator based on -linuxThe South China Agricultural University big three Linux course...

LVS+Keepalived cluster instance

This document includes keepalived, install ipvsadm setup software, and LVS-DR document (summary), as well as Director and script that is executed on a RealServer:,lvs_real.shNetwork topologylvs-master:

test vanet app

he delay experienced by a user inrandom or contention-based MAC scheme is unbounded; a user may need to wait fora long time until he/she has the opportunity to send some data. On the otherhand, by scheduling the data packets according to a certain deterministicpattern, which is called protocol seque...

IE proxy settings quickly

Quick Set IE proxy, or turn off the proxy settings.There are two versions, one python script, a script is executable bat....


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