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Quickly generate Protocol initialization files under Windows scripts

Quickly generate Protocol initialization files under Windows, do not use plug-in technology, publish the generated files can be directly...

IE proxy settings quickly

Quick Set IE proxy, or turn off the proxy settings.There are two versions, one python script, a script is executable bat....

Quick config new WordPress development

This file help you get in WordPresss development very quick. It just downloads the latest version of WordPress, setup database, create a Sublime project then launch it automatically just in seconds....

Write Linux code (factorial, hello)

Application backgroundThis is Makefile command for beginers and is used in Linux programming in Shell scripts. Makefile is used to recompile  the program if some portion of it is changed by editor. Makefile is a utility for recompilation.For peoples who are new to Linux ,this comes i basic...

A script for a pop-up window

Application backgroundsplashscreen download in info....... ABCCCCKey TechnologyABCCCCCC MKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

Olympic Riley - SSH - containment - 2005

Application background SSH, the Secure Shell, 2nd Edition By Daniel J. Barrett, Robert G. Byrnes, Richard E. Silverman ...........................

Website code, database automatic backup script

Application backgroundWebsite code, database automatic backup scriptBack up support to send to the specified mailboxCan set up a backup file for a few days...


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