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Text classification (1) - text preprocessing & text representation based on Hadoop

Application background1. Environment: Ubuntu14, Hadoop2.6, Eclipse, NLPIR/ICTCLAS2015, etc.;Two, algorithm profile:1, this project is based on MapReduce Hadoop2.6 parallel development;2, this project is a text classification of text preprocessing and text representation, including word segmentation,...

History of the most complete HTML5 source code 20

Application backgroundHistory of the most complete HTML5 source code: This is my own combination of 20 cases, on the 20 sets of complete HTML5 complete code, which contains a variety of special effects, such as clock animation, animation, animation site,,,,Key TechnologyHistory of the most complete...

HTML5-6 concise widescreen adaptive web design company single page templates to download the source code to share

Application backgroundHTML5 concise widescreen adaptive network design, single page template download the source code sharing: in era of HTML5, the very fire, with this case magic board code, than what is important. What can you download!Key TechnologyThis is I search online for HTML5 concise widesc...

Web Java tag

Application backgroundJava是一种可以撰写跨平台应用软件的面向对象的程序设计语言。Java 技术具有卓越的通用性、高效性、平台移植性和安全性,广泛应用于PC、数据中心、游戏控制台、科学超级计算机、移动电话和互联网,同时拥...


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