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Simple program

Application background gvhuyfrjhfgjhrjfdghjFHJ  GNY GJ GH Key Technology r6tyhJBVKLFDGMNBV\ EGLDF'GKMDF REFGVEDFV...

HTML5-2 black flat car responsive web templates share source code

Application backgroundHTML5-2 flat black car response ZhengZhan type template source sharing: in era of HTML5, the very fire, with this case magic board code, than what is important. What can you download!Key TechnologyThis is online to find the HTML5 flat black car response ZhengZhan type template...

Hadoop segmentation procedure

Application background Partitioner example in hadoop. The program shows us hoe to use a partitioner in hadoop mapreduce program. This was a classroom example that i got to know from our trainer. This was really a simpler version to code and i could definitely  see all of you getting i...


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