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VB calendar

based)    j = Weekday(MonthStart) - 1    'Tweak for 1-based For/Next index    j = j - 1    'Show current month/year    lblMonth = Format$(m_CurrDate, "mmmm yyyy")    'Clear existing data...

Option pricing models and volatility using excel-vba


S7-1200 Winsock communications

size:16px;">Path in start/run, type regsvr32 mswinsck.ocxRegistering a WINSOCK control, but in order to run this program (the PC communicates with the controller via WINSOCK. exe)This communication requires bilateral programming interface, call TSEND_C/TRCV_C in your S7-1200 program sends the data r...

Automated stock trading software

Implement CIC automated trading software stock transactions without the need to make every day, which is very hard, my liberation of speculation in the stock market and personnel strength, rare and one copy of the software, interested friends can be expanded, but related technologies, please indicat...

Modbus TCP

size:16px;">这是用于阅读和写作 Modbus TCP\ 寄存器 项目。开始是我找示例程序 的 Modbus TCP\ 的通信。然后我一个样例项目在,在这里找到:这是用 C# 语言,由 Stephan 史...

Queuing software version VB

Application backgroundA hospital triage queuing system is in hospital outpatient building, hospital building, comprehensive building of the waiting, fees, take drug premises use intelligent calling and queuing management system, doctors and nurses can through the system in order to call patients and...

MODBUS communication written in VB source code

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">VB编写的MODBUS通讯实现源码, 功能: Public Sub tran_modbus_order(ByVal byt_slv_id As Byte, ByVal byt_func As Byte, ByVal addr As Long, byt_data() As Byte) Function CRC16(data() As Byte) As String Public Function readcoils(By...

Genetic algorithm

size:14px;">Using genetic algorithm to solve the berths of container terminal scheduling, single target, contains the initial solution to generate, select, copy, crossover, mutation, etc. Quayside distribution refers to the berths, berth will be here to ship within a week, the port utilizatio...

MODBUS RTU instrument written in VB Newsletter sample

size:16px;">With VB prepared of and take Modbus RTU agreement communications of instrument directly communications of code, containing read and wrote, first first to set about communications serial and instrument of communications address then open communications switch, open Hou on can directly fro...

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