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在vistual Basic环境下做的一个tcp调试助手,具有tcp client,tcp server ,以及udp功能,十六进制显示和发送。支持各种波特率下...

In the vistual Basic environment to do a tcp debugging assistant, with tcp client, tcp server, as well as udp functions, hexadecimal display and send. Supports a variety of baud rate under communications....

实现opc接口,连接opc server服务器。 将数据加入到数据库里面...

Interface to achieve opc, opc server to connect server. Data added to the database...


Page dialog box controls (TABCTL32.OCX) the use, summarized in a number of multi-threaded/network/database/image processing template vc procedures to facilitate the test....

Vb prepared using genetic algorithm

Vb prepared using genetic algorithm, the practical application of some (such as the fitness function needs its own written procedures have been specified), this is reproduced in the code...

This programs connect to Weigh scale. & shows the actual value.

This programs connect to Weigh scale. & shows the actual value....

一个用VB编写的读取dicomdir的程序! 对您了解dicom协议会有帮助的! 解压后运行dicomdicomdirvb2dicomdir.vbg...

Prepared using a VB program to read the dicomdir! DICOM protocol for your understanding would be helpful! After extracting run dicomdicomdir b2dicomdir.vbg then select dicomdir document dicomdicomdirdicomdir do not understand what the email asked me


God-source server-side community, including the role and integrity of the source ROOM procedures...

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