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Using VB to write the character recognition process, the use of BP neural networ...

Using VB to write the character recognition process, the use of BP neural network algorithm, for from the Matlab software for the preparation of neural network algorithm is a good example....

A very simple example of Neural Networks using back propagation

 A very simple example of Neural Networks using back propagationThis program is a simple example of Neural Networks using back propagation. My code has all basic functionalities like learning rate, load net, save net, etc. You can have as many layers as you can. The code here is extensible ie y...

vb Positive and Negative Calculation

Applies to the coordinate transformation using Gaussian projection is calculated under Beijing, XI ' an 80-54 as well as coordinates in the cgcs2000 coordinate system, you can achieve the transformation of the coordinate system. Mapping and geographic information maps on the correction, the most bas...

Decision Support System Scholarship w entropy and saw method

Determination to assist in establishing a student receives a scholarship viewfinder mission,  then takes a decision support system with methods that can be used is the entropy method and the method of Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Decision Making (FMADM)  is the method of Simple Additive Weighting...

Hopfield network

Hopfield network-- good at associative memory solution with the realization of lost H associative memory networks, are key to bringing the memory model samples corresponding network energy function of the minimum. With M-N-dimensional memory model, the network N neurons connect between right wij and...


OCR has the function of language study identification system is written in VB...


VB realize a simple function of the SNMP demo, such as GET/SET, etc.....

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