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pcsc,Acr card

reader的代码例子,对pcsc的朋友有一定的帮助-pcsc,Acr card-reader Sample codes,it has some help for someone who want to learn pcsc...

Modbus RTU VB code, tests available, runs perfect

Modbus RTU of X86 platforms available source code and project files, just use the PC 485 interface or serial port (232 to adapter you want to use below) realization of cards found that test, but simply modifying the code to implement the project....

Ginjal Detection Expert System with VB

VB60 disease diagnosis expert system, a VB+Access database system, use ADO to access databases, features include three major modules: And disease knowledge base system; Second, told the illness; Three, the experts asked the severity; Author: Jiang Yuandong Imitation medical expert systems thi...

Simulation system for NC-VB

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;line-height:17.5px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 数控仿真系统   ............\CNC数控仿真系统.PDM   ............\CNC数控仿真系统.vbp   ............\CNC数控仿真系统.vbw...

Expert System VB6

size:14px;">Expert System implemented on Visual Basic 6.0. This expert system recognize engine failure based on engine symptom. ...

Inventory management system


一个用VB写的财务软件源码 ,适合开发财务方面的朋友参考,代码较完整。...

Using VB to write a financial software source code, suitable for the development of the financial aspects of Friend of reference, a more complete code....

VB calculation of PMV

VB interface accurate calculation of PMV values​​, respect quick, suitable for engineering calculations and scientific research, the accuracy of up to 99%...

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