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VB UDP传输 发送端

VB UDP transmission transmitter...

VB UDP 传输 接收端

VB UDP transmission receiving end...


to-peer编程的组件,功能较强,使用方便,且免费。只是只有dephi 与 VB 的例子,没有C 的。 -For Peer-to-peer programming components, features a strong, easy to use, and free of charge. Delphi and VB is the only example, there is no C...

五子棋,net remoting 来完成点对战

Gobang, net remoting to complete the points against...

p2p的简单实例 vb.net版 也是网上找的.

p2p simple example version is also looking for online....

抓包过程实现 实现流量的统计 并显示出所统计的结果

Ethereal process to achieve realization of traffic statistics And shows the statistical results obtained...


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