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VB test disk space size and usage

A very simple small program used to detect the size of the hard disk space for each partition, and the remaining space, used space size in bytes to represent, but you can convert the size required, which is written in VB source code, suitable for beginners learning to use...

the area of the source, can easily drive the district divided into many

the area of the source, can easily drive the district divided into many...


drive partitioning software to allow customers to more easily master the skills through more convenient for us to know the real area....


hard disk speed test can test the speed of the hard drive, so you look at the function drives strong....


Data recovery software, easy to delete things that you re-find....

软件名称 格式化软盘源代码 软件大小 12K 软件类型 Visual Basic源代码 软件介绍 格式化软盘源代码 更新日期 2004...

name formatted floppy disk software source code software size 12K software types of Visual Basic source code software on floppy disk formatted source code Update 2004-5-19 13:57:47...


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