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OPC client-side VB program example

size:14px;color:#000000;">OPC客户端VB程序实例 利用visual basic所开发的opc客户端应用程序主要采用自动化通信接口和opc服务器程序实施通信。而opc基金会提供的opc自动化接口 opcdaauto.dll动态链接库集成了所有用于对opc服务器进...

Circle to teach your USB

Circle to teach your USB, circuit diagrams, well, we can do it, using the D12. Hope you like, if there is a better way to update, circuits, wished to propose to...

Thunder match motion control card case

space:normal;">雷赛多轴运动控制的教程, 雷赛多轴运动控制的教程,雷赛多轴运动控制的教程,雷赛多轴运动控制的教程,雷赛多轴运动控制的教程,是学习数控设编程的好安例...

VB File Event Logger

This source code is File system  event logger.When user access to file (such as createing , opening , read , write , delet and so on), program catch these events and then save it to Sqlite Database.It is using Callback filter Driver....


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