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addition to the above-mentioned methods of compression, you can call VB Tools MakeCab.exe (VB5 setupkit kitfil32 or VB98 Wizards PDWizard directory) production. Cab document. First constructed a Directive document (*. DDF), then use the Shell order call MakeCAB/f excel.ddf can generate*. cab doc...

简单的加密算法 简单的加密算法 vb

simple encryption algorithm is simple encryption algorithm vb...

Vientiane password to use VB to do query tool, used here in several commonly use...

Vientiane password to use VB to do query tool, used here in several commonly used API functions: FindWindow, SendMessage, GetClassName, WindowFromPoint...


This is a cell phone programming and e-mail program into a coding techniques commonly used functions, Base64 encoding and decoding of dynamic libraries, and documentation to support the string of codecs. Fast stable, I am using some of the procedures, now released....

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