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VB calendar

VB calendar applet, is very useful to learn VB controls Private Sub picMonth_Paint ()Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, x As Integer, y As IntegerDim NumDays As Integer, CurrPos As Integer, bCurrMonth As BooleanDim MonthStart As Date, buffer As String\'Determine if this month is today\'s monthIf Month(...

Queuing software version VB

Application backgroundA hospital triage queuing system is in hospital outpatient building, hospital building, comprehensive building of the waiting, fees, take drug premises use intelligent calling and queuing management system, doctors and nurses can through the system in order to call patients and...

Inventory management system

Entry of goods, inventory management, customer information management, sales (sales owed, less cargo sales, integral sales)...

VB warehouse management system

Warehousing in the enterprise plays an important role in the supply chain as a whole, if cannot guarantee proper restocking and inventory control and delivery, will lead to increased administrative costs, and service quality can not be guaranteed, thus affecting the competitiveness of enterprises. T...

vb-usb communication

FrmMain.frm forms and codes ApiDeclarations.bas an interface declaration Using VB programming, USB communication test....

Question bank management system(VB+SQL2005)

1/ User login and regsitery and the homepage of quesiton library module2 quesiton library building module...

VB prepared control robots PC

Dedicated control robot and PC through different time protocol to send data to control walking robot while walking can also be controlled using the keyboard...

Based on 485 serial communication VB control inverter source code

Application backgroundRS-485 serial communication can guarantee the fast, stable and remote transmission of data, which is more and more applied in the industry control. Hardware characteristics, communication protocol and software realization of serial communication with PC. Experiments show that t...

VB-TwinCAT communication example

VB-TwinCAT communication example, VB. Net and the TwinCAT PLC communication 65, select TwinCAT.Ads DLL install path in TwinCAT. TwinCATADS Api.NETV1.1.4322...

Serial port WIFI configuration tool

VB2010 serial port WIFI module configuration tool enables serial device data to the public, to any computer on the Internet, you can control serial devices, this software just to configure serial port WIFI module software source code...

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