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VB prepared control robots PC


VB-TwinCAT communication example

VB-TwinCAT communication example, VB. Net and the TwinCAT PLC communication 65, select TwinCAT.Ads DLL install path in TwinCAT. TwinCATADS Api.NETV1.1.4322...


by-point interpolation points interpolation, interface is empty, start, next, and exit the interface. simple operation...

Temperature display the PC source


VB with EXCEL's seamless connection

space:nowrap;">VB与EXCEL的无缝连接:  '从excel文件获得数据后,插入记录到SQL Server的数据表  Dim dataTable1 As DataTable = New DataTable() Dim sqlDA1 As SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter = New SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter("SELECT 部门,全年任务, 本年累计完成,...

Sales Monitoring System VB.NET

size:14px;">没有任何数据库的销售监测样品。该系统可以登录 3 帐户,管理员,收银员 1 和收银员 2。该系统具有的限制,只有管理员授权在库存中查看其销售剩余的项数。它还具有甚至管理员都可以使用的销售事务。在交易模块...

Tic Tac Game

good graphics concept with tictac gamewhich is created in vb.netmain purpose to create gaming 1st step ...

VB book (Elite Edition) source code

Very suitable for beginners, classes, level I have recommended to many people, watching myself, quite good, and I hope everyone can see, good things should be shared...

VB source code desktop pet

VB source code, via graphics switching desktop pet skills, transparent form load PNG images to achieve variable variant forms...

VB real time curve

space:nowrap;">在VB中绘制实时曲线是比较难的,一般要应用第三方控件或是Windows API函数来完成,但是如果你对实时曲线的要求不是很高,只要能表示出当前的一般情况的话,我们可以直接应用VB提供给我们的空间来完成。 原则上...


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