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Resource files can be played controls Gif

Resource files can be played Gif of control, you can enhance the interface, so your program look different, I have been employed in the program, is absolutely available....

How to create BarCode Reader

How to create BarCode Reader,Bar Code Ceater, How to Make Barcode in Visal Basic 6.0 This code helps to print bar code...

Simple two-dimensional code generator

Implementation is very simple, is to generate a QR code images for each guest, send via MMS to mobile phones, dedicated reading device read again to verify it. CSDN using text messages containing links, open is a QR code is also good....

Socket test tool

This is a TCP UDP network testing tool, create TCP server and client, UDP client and server-side to create, is convenient for testing, students developed for socket,...

Save Image To DataBase and Retrieve it

Save Image To DataBase and Retrieve it any time you can save this image in any database futer...

Drawing programs VB

Written in VB form procedures, drawing API. Can be used to generate graphs of data. You can modify the legend style. Color. You can modify the sequence of the linear, color,...

VB full screen snow making a scene

Make VB full screen snow scene Introduction to simple VB program for beginners...

Report Viewer

This is my best viewer for vb6 programmer. It can print GDI Report and Dotmatrix Dos Base Report both to Viewer and Printer. ...

Serial debugging assistant

left:36.0pt;text-indent:-36.0pt;"> (1)       在线设置通信速率、奇偶校验、通信口而无需重新启动程序; (2)       设置定时发送的数据和时间间隔; (3)    &n...

Batleship multiplayer

This game was developed to destroy battleships game, this game is done with a local network. The game was developed by Visual Basic...


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