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Precision weighing source

Application backgroundWeighing 4 experts is a professional truck scale weighing management software (also known as loadometer software), the product has the support of a majority of the weighing instrument equipment, such as Shanghai and Toledo (XK3127) instrument series of Shanghai Yaohua (xk31 90)...

Lock code of a task manager, wanted to shut down restart computer

This code locking Task Manager, wanted to shut down restart computer, messing around with your friends, or harassing you...

TCP communication software

VB.NET based TCP communications software, including server and client. Based on the TCP protocol, using Visual Studio 2010 compiler, server Launcher appears after the server has started, after the client connects, the server will display connection, client can send information to the server, the ser...

VB how to get hard disk temperature

Application background          VB  first run; 6 Chinese version, establish a standard exe project, will form named frmMain, the borderstyle property is set to: 3-fixed, caption, attribute set is empty; then add a frame control -- "frame1", the caption attribute is set t...

Dynamic display of multi window analog meter

Application backgroundPC monitoring software, the expansion of space, not limited. Simple and practical, easy to use, easy to learn. Color bright, the effect is good.Key TechnologyVB source code, multi file lock, power selection, multi screen switching, simulation, dynamic display, color is bright,...

Bank account management system

Application backgroundThis system is the use of VFP development of an interface of the bank account management system, including the bank account information to increase, delete, change, check, statistics, and some of the basic functions of the accounts management, decoding clear and smooth....

Student information management system

Application backgroundStudent information management system is a typical management information system (MIS), its development mainly includes the backstage database the establishment and maintenance, and front-end application development two aspects. For the former requirement to establish data cons...

Student management system

Basic enrollment management functions, able to manage very well achieve the basic enrollment management functions, able to manage very well achieve the basic enrollment management functions, able to manage very well achieve the basic enrollment management functions, able to manage very well achieve...

VB laugh Secretary Office software

Secretary Office software developed with VB6. welcome. the software contains a simple function...


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