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AI Shi House/OCR text program

AI Shi House/OCR text programs. rar Module=recMain; recMain.bas Form=frmMain.frm Form=frmSplash.frm Form=frmAbout.frm Class=TextStream; TextStream.cls Module=recWinApi; recWinApi.bas IconForm="frmMain" Startup="Sub Main" HelpFile="" Title="Text Recognition" ExeName32="Text Recognition.exe...

Plot graph 2D and 3D

This source code have many source code include 2dGraph 2DpametricGraph 3dparamatricGraph 3dParametricSurfaces 3dSurfaces FAstFurier TransformandFilters FuierTransformanddIdealIdealFilTilters...

vb Draw simple graphics

Using VB code draws the ellipse, and the five-pointed star, as well as to evenly spaced circular Division. Draw a polyline, spaced dividing line. Draw two straight lines, and find the intersection point calculation. Simple algorithm, for VB beginner drawing simple graphics to use...

Generating curve of VB database to load the data display

Teaching source relatively old, used the VB6.0 version of the development, demonstrates how to from a database load corresponding data, and at the interface with the graph is displayed in the form of transverse and longitudinal data, including distribution, and column attribute modification etc.;...

Constrained Delaunay segmentation

Band boundary constraint Delauney triangulation points set is finite element analysis, computer graphics, and realistic graphics and many other fields commonly encountered a fundamental problem. in the existing algorithms based on midpoint by inserting the recovery boundary, preferably within the bo...

PB camera source

A complete Powerbulider camera control source code, contains the complete demo interface, opening, closing of the camera through the Windows system API, you can realize the function of screenshots and videos...

Stock market analysis software

Convenient, practical, quick stock quote query tools. Data taken from the financial sector, VB NET programming example, skillful borrowing of "tashanzhishi to achieve timely stock inquiries, use VB to realize just shell, remote data is read, want to know about online friends can download conten...

VB Web page source Capture Wizard

Bring your own Web browser, after you open a Web site, click the grab button can be full crawls into the picture in this Web page, principles, and like previous screenshot, Vb lovers are interested can refer to...


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