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Desktop weather

Auto Gets the weather conditions of the day and put it on the desktop background, and desktop can be customized LOGO, tips and so on, you can also add a desktop icon backgrounds, making the desktop more beautiful!...

Animated sine lines

VB sinusoidal line drawing, drawing with VB axes in the picture box, and dynamically generate a sinusoidal line in the coordinate system. Note: first clear graphic picture1 within set painted line width, the X-axis and the arrow drawing line coordinate system, the coordinate system of the drawing Y-...

460 kinds of picture switching effects photo VB Screensaver

Picture switching effects is very wide, a total of 460 kinds of effects, not only can the order of play, can also be random play, so rich and special effects, and also supports the background music playing, I feel very cool.Support picture file formats include:.JPEG;.Jpg;.BmpSupport for background m...

Play GIF animation

1) As Long End Type ' Custom UDTs Private Type ColorTableSTRCUT     Index As Long               ' 0=global; 1-xxx are local tables, if any     Tables() As Long     ...

A Picture box fader

space:nowrap;">from one to the next. verry fast code less than 1 second. 100% my own code,pure vb  no API. works great for the title of forms. look at my other submission at withch  alows you to move frameless forms in all windows platforms it is located at  http://planetsourcecode...




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