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RDP for Windows desktop sharing

Did you ever need to log on your clients PC and assist them? There are tons of desktop sharing applications around, some commercial and some are free, however if you knew how easy it is, to build a desktop sharing application working on Vista, you would never give a chance to other solutions....

Super VB6 WebBrowser new controls the source code, can be HTML, revise the details, bug free

space:nowrap;">超強vb6新webbrowser新控件源碼,可截圖html,細部修改,webbrowser bug free...

Automatic sending email

This is the source code to send an automatic email. Please download and try. Thank you for your support....

lan messenger

Lan Chat 32 is designed to chat with another computer directly. No sever needed! Client/Host in the same program. All you need is the Host computer IP, your IP is shown on the form. Upped by request, Full source and working pprogram included! (Again, this is not originally my code! I Just made it AL...


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