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8051 FPGA Verilog Core complete

Application backgroundSeparation of program and data memory LogicalAll 8051 have specific memory organization they, have separate address spaces devicesProgram and (ROM) Data Memory. (RAM) This logical separation of Memory is forBecause it allows the Data Memory to be accessed by 8-bit addresses use...

VB computer programs written to receive parameters from the MCU comes

Received from the PC end data, and real-time display at the PC end temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide intensity and other parameters. Data can also be stored in Excel in real-time. Code detailed annotations....

Serial access module tester, lightning arrester tester; query print statements

Application backgroundSerial access lightning protection module tester, discharge tube tester, lightning protection module for storage tester, tube tester test information, automatically saved to the database, the classic serial port access method, than some of the polling to stable and reliable n t...

Simply modify the uVision STM32 to open the corresponding chip capacity after the project MDK-ARM

Application backgroundUsing STM32F103 different chips, each time to open the MDK-ARM project, we must modify the chip capacity, here I wrote a simple modification of the uVision STM32 MDK-ARM project to open the corresponding chip capacity VB program, as long as the dynamic changes in the properties...

inventory management system

Application background& nbsp; using VB and acess to the development of the inventory management system, including source code, billing database, a database query and storage of billing and query functions, warehouse management, user login password changes, as well as a variety of report, hope to hel...

Serial communication using

This application is used to send the serial data from the computer to the microcontroller for controlling any application based on serial communication. This coding is designed such that , it will give the output structure in the form of characters. Using this code you can serially transmit the char...


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