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A vector graphics editor written in VB program

space:nowrap;">Personal view is that VB6 support for drawing in itself is very weak, so directly through its built-in drawing efficiency in general are a very big problem. One solution is to use the Windows API to the underlying GDI rendering, a better way is to use GDI + to draw so that results wil...

Terrain3D (pure three-dimensional fractal terrain rendering algorithm written in VB)

A do not use any control plain terrain display program written in VB, and supports mouse drag and rotate, you can define the focal length and tilt angle, very practical....

VB loaded PNG images

VB example:VB do applet loading transparent PNG images can be in any form, is very effective to achieve simple, this example very useful, please try....

Steganography VB source code


Emboss and Engrave Image Filters


Aero effects

This program Aero effects, specific effect results of the program to run, this program knows well. Don't you think?...

BMP convert to JPEG

related settings can be made, this program written in relatively fine....


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