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No controls to control the camera

Do not use controls, direct control of USB cameras, did not use any of the controls in the code as a whole, the author of the VB skills much. As is done for pure class....

Take the specified MAC address

Application backgroundTake the specified MAC address to access specific MAC address to access specific MAC address to access specific MAC address to access specific MAC address to access specific MAC address to access specific MAC address to access specific MAC address to access specific MAC address...

Web camera use

Application backgroundVB to get a web camera resource. useE. J. Bantz Jr. '* Author:None use and distribute '* Copyright:, freely...'* E-Mail:'* Web: SendMessage Lib user32 "Declare" Alias "SendMessageA" (hWnd As Long ByVal, wMsg As Long ByVal, wParam A...

Display Internet photos

Application backgroundShow photos on the InternetCall the Internet address to read the photo information, and write to the local. For users to use and refer to, VB6.0 version...

Simple Hiding in image

LSB simple hiding program in Visual basic  least significant can be hide until 4 bits/ byte to make the cover image is not suspicious ...

Image editor

This is the VB code for image editing in VB. Editing is facilitated with changing scale, rotation, brightness,contrast,crop User can view an image in RED /Green/Blue spectrum or black and white color form...

recognition form

il s'agit d'un programme qui permet la reconnaissance de formes. ce programme est développé sous VB. net. il est basé sur l'utilisation des réseaux de neurones...

Call WIA video capture screenshots

VB calls the VCR screenshots called WIA, video capturing screenshots, start the video, close the video, click on the screenshots to save pictures and a series of examples...

Digital shiriking software

In order to analyze an image normally we have to reduce the size of an image so that we may process it in a particular size of frame. This programming is developed to o shrink the digital image by reducing a number of pixels from a frame....

Image processing

This project uses in image processing when we extract the feature . using the fourier code in image that 2d or 1d and music and the result of this code is number ...


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