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Solidworks API to read the point cloud data

For point cloud coordinates read from a macro in Solidworks API, a programming language for VBA, point cloud data is saved as a text file. Drawings of the point cloud file path changes. This macro is mainly used for 3D mesh surface reconstruction of the first step....

VB call camera

Application backgroundVB through the VFM call USB camera, the picture shows, recording video, adjust camera parameters and other functions...

A vector graphics editor written in VB program

A complete open source vector drawing controls the source code, support lines, arcs, rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, texts and pictures, draw, and supports operations such as rotation, zoom, select, arrange, and overall features are good! Actually, with a little computer g...

Face Detection with 10 Lines of Code - VB.NET

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Dejan Mauer@CodeProjectFinding faces in an image can be quite a challenging issue. There are some commercial and Open Source frameworks available to developers in order to make the task of finding faces easier. A commercially available library that I can reco...

VB ImageList image overlay

VB JPG image displayed using the ImageList and overlay images, source code under the principles of naturally understand by this little program you can learn how to display images in the ImageList....

Terrain3D (pure three-dimensional fractal terrain rendering algorithm written in VB)

A do not use any control plain terrain display program written in VB, and supports mouse drag and rotate, you can define the focal length and tilt angle, very practical....

VB face image Comparison of the characteristics recognition technology

VB face image Comparison of the characteristics  recognition technology Image processing by VB, but as fast as c++...

VB loaded PNG images

VB example:VB do applet loading transparent PNG images can be in any form, is very effective to achieve simple, this example very useful, please try....

Steganography VB source code

Steganography is the art of hiding the fact that communication is taking place, by hiding information in other information. Many different carrier file formats can be used, but digital images are the most popular because of their frequency on the Internet. For hiding secret information in images...

ASM programming using VB complex examples

ASM programming using VB complex example, image fading effects, access to CPU information, data replication, and other functions....


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