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VB to enumerate serial ports and camera

VB serial automatically enumerate Windows system, and join the camera head image capture program source code, and coordinate system transformations and so on, to be a current position information can be displayed DD, source code testing as shown on the screenshot, VisualBasic6.0 prepared by the sour...

VB webcam control source code

Dim lpszName As String * 100 Dim lpszVer As String * 100 Dim Caps As CAPDRIVERCAPS '//Create Capture Window capGetDriverDescriptionA 0, lpszName, 100, lpszVer, 100 '// Retrieves driver info lwndC = capCreateCaptureWindowA(lpszName, WS_CAPTION Or WS_THICKFRAME Or WS_VISIBLE Or WS_CHILD, 0, 0,...


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