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Heston model calibration

This spreadsheet can be used to implement Heston option pricing model on real market data. After entering the input parameters - spot price, strike price, domestic and foreign interest rate the spreadsheet use Excel solver to calibrate the output parameters - the reversion rate, long term variance,...

Vanna Volga option pricing

In FX options markets, there are in general three volatility quotes typically available for a given market maturity: the delta-neutral straddle, the risk reversal for 25 delta call and put, and the vega-weighted butterfly with 25 delta wings. The application of Vanna-Volga pricing method allows us t...

VB2Lazarus, VB2Delphi

VB2Lazarus, VB2Delphi is a software developed by Rao Changying,Guangzhou,2013. It is aimed to translate VB 6.0 to Delphi,or Lazarus. It now can translate Lazarus LFM, some VB to Object pascal. It is under developed now and it is not completed full function....

Data records and charted with call Excel VB software

VB call data records and charted the Excel source code, Excel routines that can be called as VB programming, complete data processing, calculation, reporting, chart...


  * Using this programme you can search for any file type of your Computer.            *** Manually defined file types are accepted as well. ***  * You can search for your files in,      All Drives,      Particular Drive or ...

MDL Model Viewer

This is the source code fo MDL model viewer using TV3D. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

Text Recognition v2.01 beta

Text Recognition v2.01 beta My OCR, Optical Character Recognition...

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