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Heston model calibration

现货价格、 罢工价格、 后国内和外国利率电子表格使用 Excel 规划求解来校准输出参数-逆转率,长期超差,初始的方差,基础资产波动性和相关性的波动性和资产价格的波动性。估计的参数可以用于后来到蒙特卡罗模拟派生期...

Vanna Volga option pricing

neutral straddle, the risk reversal for 25 delta call and put, and the vega-weighted butterfly with 25 delta wings. The application of Vanna-Volga pricing method allows us to derive implied volatilities for any option strikes, in particular for those outside the basic range set by the 25 delta put a...

VB2Lazarus, VB2Delphi

space:nowrap;">It now can translate Lazarus LFM, some VB to Object pascal. It is under developed now and it is not completed full function....

Data records and charted with call Excel VB software



  * Using this programme you can search for any file type of your Computer.            *** Manually defined file types are accepted as well. ***  * You can search for your files in,      All Drives,      Particular Drive or ...

MDL Model Viewer

This is the source code fo MDL model viewer using TV3D. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

Text Recognition v2.01 beta

Text Recognition v2.01 beta My OCR, Optical Character Recognition...

Pdf Genenerator

size:16px;">Vb. Net PRoyects for create PDF Files Proyecto en .net para crear archivos PDF...

gggfbsdfvbcxvbxc vbxcvvvvcvbxcvb xcvb xcvb xcvbxcvxvb

gggfbsdfvbcxvbxc vbxcvvvvcvbxcvb xcvb xcvb xcvbxcvxvb...

Visual Basic 6 to send e

mail组件可供选择,如MAPIMessages、IIS4.0附带的CDONTS(NTS Collaboration Data Objects)以及许多第三方厂商开发的Email软件等。本文介绍用CDONTS开发VB下的邮件程序方法。 -Visual Basic 6 to send e-mail new method to prepare to send mail using VB6 procedures,...


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