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Ginjal Detection Expert System with VB

VB60 disease diagnosis expert system, a VB+Access database system, use ADO to access databases, features include three major modules: And disease knowledge base system; Second, told the illness; Three, the experts asked the severity; Author: Jiang Yuandong Imitation medical expert systems thi...

Decision support sistem

Aplikasi untuk sistem pengambilan keputusan sistem persedian obat pada sebuah toko dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman visual basic 6.0...

key logger

This is the Key Logger, that keeps the log of the keystrokes and emails it to the email address, After after 5 minutes....

VB control handle dynamic access to an onscreen information

space:nowrap;">VB 动态获取屏幕任意控件句柄信息,通过移动鼠标获取...

Easy language win7 network adapter IP change

Easy language win7 NIC IP modify the registry + API way to get, so that lack of mutual complementarity, to make the program even more perfect. Disabling the network adapter...

Flex usage and notes


User registration

The code used for registered interfaces in VB, mainly queries the database that the user is registered, if registration is prompted to enter a user name, if it is registered as a new user is not registered....

Patern recognation with LVQ method

Image procesing pattern recognation with LVQ method easy use . . . please contact me. . ....

LKomputer ZZ

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">通过所有源代码是为任何人免费下载,我们需要这种机制 (点),鼓励人们分享出更多的源的代码项目,这样,每个人都能最终获得更有价值的代...

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)此文件来家里数百万行源代码 您可以查看评论验证码/和或表决时: 笔者也保留了一定的版权这段代码...请通过审查所有版权条件在上面的URL...

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