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key logger

This is the Key Logger, that keeps the log of the keystrokes and emails it to the email address, After after 5 minutes....

User registration

The code used for registered interfaces in VB, mainly queries the database that the user is registered, if registration is prompted to enter a user name, if it is registered as a new user is not registered....

Patern recognation with LVQ method

Image procesing pattern recognation with LVQ method easy use . . . please contact me. . ....


GUEST HOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a online web application which is used to reserve any guest house online for different purpose.It contains three module such as visitor,user and administrator.In which visitor only capable to visit our site and see the availability of guest house in any city.The seco...

Students booking system

size:16px;">基于VB的高铁订票管理系统设计  随着高铁旅客人数的不断攀升以及电子商务的飞速发展,针对解决旅客购票难而进行的高效订购票系统建设已成为高速铁路运营企业的紧迫工作,本系统特针对这一实际需求开发...

Crime information management system

Crime FileSystem is a system used to report crimes. This project will be done using VB6.0 as front end, and MS Access as back end. It can used to report crime. Thisproject is mainly useful for police stations. This system will help to manageall the activities in a police station using computers. Cur...

Web site weight batch query tool VB source code

family:Tahoma, Helvetica, SimSun, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:22px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">网站权重批量查询工具 VB源码...

COM port viewer

Application background Get COM PORTS listed on your computer using this VB.NET.  This program will give a list of the COM ports on your computer Get COM PORTS listed on your computer using this VB.NET.  This program will give a list of the COM ports on your compu...

How to use the AT command to send multiple mobile # in VB6

Application background How to send multiple mobile # in vb6 using AT command   MSComm1.Output = "AT" & vbCrLf                 Sleep 100          ...


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