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VB compilation Sokoban game

Using VB to develop the Sokoban game, supports custom maps and levels. Perfectly compiled and run, it is a good material to learn game development....

Frame2d Visual Basic Source Code

size:14px;">此.txt 包含完整的源代码的 frame2d.frm,将转换为.txt 文件。 Frame2d 是一个示例 (示例 8.2 要具体) 问题 介绍的有限元方法在工程 (第三版) by Tirupathi R.Chandrupatla 和阿肖克 D.Belegundu . 有用的源代码代码在 vi...

Blood Bank Management

stops:1.25in;"> Blood Bank Management System was specifically designed for the smaller voluntary donor organization, typically attached to and working within a hospital. It allows fast search capabilities for compatible donors in an emergency. It records donations, thus avoiding call up of ineligi...


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