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VB chat

VB server and client, communications programs, and has passed the test, clean, fast, and should be available in local area networks and wide area networks. This code uses the UDP radio connections, do not consume CPU resources....

OPC PPI S7-200 VB6.0 communication

Application background  OPC; PPI S7-200   communication Private; MyOPCServer As OPCServer   VB6.0;       'Object OPCServerMyGroups As OPCGroups   Private;         'Collection Object OPCGroupsWithEvents MyGroup As OPCGroup   Private; 'Object OPCG...

Geographic information system

This system is based on ArcGIS Engine and development, achieving a GIS interface and related functionality. Including management, elements of practical functions such as query and select the layer....

Dynamic segmentation codes

This is GIS dynamic segmentation of code required arcengine9.2 environment and data. Is mainly used to study business....

VB digital verification code examples

VB6.0 code processing, removing interference when using median filter is a great way, the median filter is a non-linear smoothing technique, it sets the gray value of each pixel to a neighborhood of the point within the window all of the values in the pixel gray value. Method of median filter...

Student address book management system

Application backgroundWith the combination of VB + access to achieve students address book information management, user interface menu should at least include a "student information input and modification", "student information query (according to the name or ID)", "show all information of students,...

VB access to external network IP

' Get the external network IP source Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim h As Object Dim i As Integer Dim s As String Set h = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") GetInternetIP = False g_strInternetServerIP = "" h.Open "GET", "", True 'False h.Send If (h.ReadyState = 4) And (...

Vissim to visuol visulbasic

Vissim to visuol visulbasic Vissim ile visulabasic referans ekleyerek similasyonda ki parametreleri okumak veya yeni değerleriyle set etmek için yazılmış standart bir uygulama ...

Information System

The “Department Information System” of the college is developed to overcome the most of the problems occurring in the existing system by computerizing the existing system. The features of the newly proposed computerized system are described in brief as below: After computerizing the syste...

Thunder Tiger platform docking procedures

Thunder Tiger text message platform development source code can join Thunder Tiger short message platform to send SMS query information...


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