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Tiny little helper

Tiny little helper, including: simple calculator, Notepad, digital clock, phone book, calendar, photo album. Of simple calculators, calendars, photo albums, for which I am responsible for programming. Learning VisualBasic application languages VB development tools and respond to mouse events can be...

MODBUS Server VB example

Using vb to write modbus example, to achieve 1-4 modbus function. Array display.excel spreadsheet import and export functions....

Maze game

&Nbsp;  This program is written in a VB.NET, made into a wall by a label, triggered by a mouse, using the mouse without touching the wall you will be returned to the original point to achieve the effect of maze, reach the Finish dialog box prompt may appear when complete....

Student information management system

The system includes student information, academic information maintenance and student course into three parts. Its main functions: 1 and related information such as the status of the input, including inputting basic information, class, courses taken and grades. Query 2, student information, includin...

Perfect international inspectorxl

Perfect international inspectorxl perfect international inspectorxl perfect international inspectorxl...

Hides the specified window hide Windows

With hide specified Windows Small program written in VB, the advantage of small volume runs faster, the disadvantage is that each time you want to change is when you hide the program window that you want to modify the source code...

Teaching typing software

Teaching typing software, ensuring easy to use! Private networks in typing software 6.2.0 (end of 55 registered version)...

Resizing a form based on screen size in Visual Basic 6

The code I'm about to show you I have in a Code Module, names FormControl that I include in all VB6 projects I create....

Cable Management System

Objectives of the system are to make the cable accounting automated and simpler, then it is done manually.  The connections accounts and transactions are entered on computers and saved on computers and can be accessed  as in the form of the reports and can be updated very easil...

Judge line intersection in VB

Determine whether two lines intersect program, this is not my original, but I forgot where downloaded it....


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