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Geographic information system

This system is based on ArcGIS Engine and development, achieving a GIS interface and related functionality. Including management, elements of practical functions such as query and select the layer....

Dynamic segmentation codes


VB compilation Sokoban game

Using VB to develop the Sokoban game, supports custom maps and levels. Perfectly compiled and run, it is a good material to learn game development....

Maze game

&Nbsp;  This program is written in a VB.NET, made into a wall by a label, triggered by a mouse, using the mouse without touching the wall you will be returned to the original point to achieve the effect of maze, reach the Finish dialog box prompt may appear when complete....

VB digital verification code examples


excel table software

Using VBA to achieve the table. VB program uses a similar interface, simply open the two EXCEL spreadsheets, direct comparison of the two tables can be achieved, the update operation....

Frame2d Visual Basic Source Code

size:14px;">此.txt 包含完整的源代码的 frame2d.frm,将转换为.txt 文件。 Frame2d 是一个示例 (示例 8.2 要具体) 问题 介绍的有限元方法在工程 (第三版) by Tirupathi R.Chandrupatla 和阿肖克 D.Belegundu . 有用的源代码代码在 vi...

VB access to external network IP

space:nowrap;"> '获取外网ip源码 Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim h As Object Dim i As Integer Dim s As String Set h = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")     GetInternetIP = False     g_strInternetServerIP = ""          h.Open "GET", "http:/...

Vissim to visuol visulbasic

Vissim to visuol visulbasic Vissim ile visulabasic referans ekleyerek similasyonda ki parametreleri okumak veya yeni değerleriyle set etmek için yazılmış standart bir uygulama ...

Perfect international inspectorxl



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