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Phase estimation of CORDIC algorithm

Application backgroundthis is the algorithm for phase calculation using some mathematical operation on the signal.Key Technologycordic algorithm give the correct phase value using some calculation. ...

Arm frid_verilog core code

Application background// Address Register //   Jeffrey J. Cook (jjcook) `define AR_ALU_SEL 2'b00 `define AR_PC_SEL 2'b01 `define AR_PC_4_SEL 2'b10 `timescale 1ns/100ps module addr_reg(AR_Bus_Alu, AR_Bus_PC, AR_Bus_PC_4, AR_Bus_Sel, AR_Output_Bus, sysclk); input [31:0] AR_Bus_...

19 taps DFF FFF design

Application background// Name:  Tam Nguyen, Long Pham, Thinh Le //Alu_structural Code `include "defines.v" `timescale 1ns/100ps module ALU_ARM7(Alu_A, Alu_B, Alu_C, Alu_Cntrl, Alu_Signals, Alu_Result); input [31:0] Alu_A, Alu_B; input  Alu_C; input [4:0] Alu_Cntrl; output [...


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