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The system does not require the use of any API can be the hard disk serial number of the VB program....


MIS management information system that is platform, the platform can also be used as a template to create the relevant Management Information System...

needs. Net environment, the language used vb series of assignments, and therefor...

needs. Net environment, the language used vb series of assignments, and therefore no interface design, function only achieve it...

VbdisasmVB calls the compilation engine

Compilation of VB called DISASM.DLL engine, disassembly, assembly instructions turn machine code, turn machine code instruction using...

A VB adjusts the volume, mix, type of program

This is a VB volume adjustment, mixing the program. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support! Hope that helps!...

Screen keyboard source code

Application backgroundThis is a F1-F12 key to complete the full screen virtual keyboard source code, but also including the screen shots and open my computer. But SHIFT, CTR, LALT key press BUG, sometimes not bounce, need to recover by the physical keyboard....


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