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Mouse Meter may gain with the recording related mouse statistical information, i...

Mouse Meter may gain with the recording related mouse statistical information, including: The speed, the motion distance, the coordinates, the cursor process window, the mouse clicks quantity (each button), and so on....

car rental management system with the development of the auto industry and the p...

oriented programming design concepts applied to the database application design. This is also the system's characteristics and advantages,...

手机串口通讯程序,使用 AT 指令,可以同时控制多机

phone serial communication, the use of the AT command can control many machines...


VB source code, the application of the clipboard...


Personnel Management System, VB+ SQL environment design. Containing source and dissertation....


VB source code to obtain system information, you can access the system' s hardware information....


VB6.0ping each other' s computer source code used to introduce the VB call the system API functions to use!...

FTP in VB 6 & vbnet

20) 基于您的源代码和说明的质量。质量低、 重复的代码或穷人所述将被删除。...

Mykad source code

Read/write calls smart card reader with Windows dynamic library to read card information, by calling the WinSCard.dll the SCardEstablishContext function SCardReleaseContext function SCardTransmit function card reader....


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