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Hospital outpatient management system is now popular, profitable business.

VB hospital outpatient management system complete code Tsinghua University publishing, VB 1200 cases, two of the most essential cases. Already two of the commercial code. Absolute value for money. Learn VB procurement of the Mediterranean. In front there is an equa...

A very simple example of Neural Networks using back propagation

 A very simple example of Neural Networks using back propagationThis program is a simple example of Neural Networks using back propagation. My code has all basic functionalities like learning rate, load net, save net, etc. You can have as many layers as you can. The code here is extensible ie y...

Decision Support System Scholarship w entropy and saw method

Determination to assist in establishing a student receives a scholarship viewfinder mission,  then takes a decision support system with methods that can be used is the entropy method and the method of Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Decision Making (FMADM)  is the method of Simple Additive Weighting...

Fluffy robot voice control

Fluffy robot voice control by adding a script can be achieved with the add form dialog and fluffy robot simple commands, such as: I ask, who is the current President? Rovio answer: is Mr XI...


Nice application to show how to display objects or animations like a carousel using microsoft WPF programming. The program was developed using C #....

My OPC Client

My OPC Client is an application for accessing OPC Server.The features of this application:1. List active OPC Servers in Local and Remote computer.2. Connect to Local and Remote OPC Server.3. Browse OPC Items.4. Monitoring values of OPC Items.5. Can write value to OPC Items....

extract email attachment outlook

This is the source code of extracting email attachment Microsoft outlook. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you for your support!...

Sample Web Cam

Visual Basic Application wherein shows output of web cam and have snapshots.Can be used to different webcams and easy to understand....

VB login source code

Very detailed source code VB login interface, suits the beginner to use, hope you can enjoy, besides if you have also posted the VB source code shared with everyone, if you need anything else, if it's convenient I can also continue to stick it out for everyone, ... Hehe...




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