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Write standard VB DLL

Have this plug-in, you can write a standard DLL in VB. VB only ActiveX DLL written in the past can now be made a standard DLL, and other programs to call it! Plugins and Linker modified version of the source code in it....

VB dynamic chains, and able to customize the font

         This DLL can define your own text effects, not components, can be directly like API calls...

Motor vehicle driving simulation examination software

At the driver of a motor vehicle account two tests, need to stall test, brake, throttle, clutch, in order to verify that the PC features, vehicle is required for debugging, using simulation method for the software, you do not need to debug test, saves a lot of cost....

Staff Attendance & Payroll Management System

In this software we can add employee details according to the departments of the company. We can also add and delete deparment as well.  We can maintain attandance of the employees and it can generat e monthly and daily report of attandance. We can also count the salary and generate salary slee...

Student attendance records management

The Student’s Attendance Record Management is a project made in Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access to provide user a user friendly environment to manage their attendance record by updating their attendance daily.It facilitate user to know their current and Previous attendance percentage, total...

VB6 mousewhell support to any ocx control flexgrid listbox, many more

VB6 mousewhellsupport to any ocx / control,with simple solutionsupport  MSFlexGrid ,Picture control, Combo cotnrol,listbox control,   textbox, many moreusing WindowProc to capture  WM_MOUSEWHEEL event, which is ignored by originai VB6,now the listbox , flexgrid, etc.. suport to scroll...

Quality Control

The function of quality assurance is to control and monitor quality in the process. The following are the different stages to be  met in the quality assurance MARKET                   : Ide...

Accounting System

This app help us to perform all operations in accounting system it designed for  Car Spare Company and it include the following departments : 1- Permission Dept 2- Accounting Dept 3- Purchase Dept 4- Store Dept 5- sales Dept It worked good without any er...

VB leisaidanduo-axis motion

Lemire secondary development of motion control card, call the internal function, powerful, easy to use.There are single-axis, multi-axis, General IO, homing, linear differential fill, circular interpolation, continuous poor fill, hand wheel movement, really powerful....

Serial network debugging tools

Serial network debugging tools all in one version, the upper part is a network debugging tool, the lower part for serial debugging tools, the software is written v B6, mail in my technique is limited, there may be some BUG, master instructions problems...


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