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face recongnition v2

SPACE: nowrap">这个软件是真的人脸识别。这是示例代码。我想这将给予帮助。我们使用C#语言进行编程。这是很好的样本。...

Image TIFF based on c # and GDAL water index (NDWI) inversion

size:16px;">该代码包括了利用C# Winform和GDAL实现的可视化程序界面,多个卫星TIFF影像打开,单个波段或者多个波段彩色显示,水体NDWI计算和保存...

chat voice use SIP

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px;">jitsi(然后SIP通讯)开始在2003伊沃夫在埃米尔的一个学生项目的上下文在斯特拉斯堡大学。[ 5 ]它最初是作为一个例子,视频电话在JAIN-SIP协议栈后来分拆为一个独立的项目发布。...

Kinect hand gesture tracking framework

Kinect-based gesture recognition program, C# Prepared...

Image processing

Application backgroundResource descriptionC# write image processing procedures, including image denoising, edge detection, edge cutting, median filtering, image enhancement, image rotation, zoom, painting, add comments, etc.Using a large number of algorithms, such as the Laplasse operator, Sobel, et...

based-AE Wuhan City public transportation query system

ARCGIS-based component development of the transit system is developed based on AE, the newer version, so to VS2010 to open, well, this is what I downloaded from another site and want to help you,...

Supermarket inventory management system

Related to the supermarket to purchase, sell, stock, inventory query management system. Very wide, containing inventory alerts to connect with the database. Within the database also contains a direct run, all functions also have a comment....

Introduction to DICOM example

space:nowrap;">C# DICOM入门实例,可打开一个DICOM文件,也可查看DICOM 标签文件,不可多得的入门源代码。...

Read the MBR, GPT, smart hard drive information

size:14pt;font-family:'color:#88A632;font-weight:bold;">1. the master boot record MBR: Primary boot, hard disk partition tables, DPT (DISK Partition table) 2.gpt(guid partition table) 3. ATA or ATAPI transfer modes of hard drives, we send the IDENTIFY DEVICE command to access the hard...

Contour contour tracking algorithms generating discrete points


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