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Student online course-selecting system

Student online selection system, systems development using b/s structure, front pages produced with Dreamweaver 8, back-end SQL Server database support, dynamic Web pages by using ASP language implementation level database operation to complete the user's requirements. With this system could be effe...

Free ID card reader

Free ID card reader, you can read the ID cards so the information, refer a friend in need...


用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件...

spelling cheker in c# by edit distance

very easy spell chekr ou may use this page to spell check everything from resumes and blog posts to homework. Spelling is an important part of daily life and is an outward measure of your level of education in a given language. Our spell checker is multi-lingual and can even help you communicate wit...

Library management system

Library management systems, there is a complete code, books and deletions can be made to change the function, use the c # programming language, there is no wrapper code, you can modify the graphical user interface interface style, suitable for student jobs....


C # you can also access the given expression computation, thought of using stacks and queues, the input string is processed, was able to get results quickly. And can include complex operators, such as ^...


The simetrica encryption code, I got another open source code...

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